Frequently Asked Questions

The Champions of Health Program is a group of community leaders and wellness advocates who have demonstrated expertise and passion for promoting health information and service. They are experts in health modalities ranging from nutrition and medicine to behavioral health and fitness. Champions are selected and announced at the Annual THBN Awards Gala and work throughout the year to educate all members of the Metro-Atlanta community on key health issues. They also provide mentoring and training experiences for youth interested in learning about health or exploring a future career in the health industry. Champions of Health visit schools across Metro-Atlanta and participate in various THBN on-air broadcasts, and events.
Our goal is to put an enthusiastic and diverse face on community health. Accordingly, the primary candidates for Champions of Health nominations are those who represent health leadership, innovation and excellence. Their backgrounds in health may range from traditional to holistic medicine; physical health to nutrition; behavioral to spiritual health; and more. The Champions of Health Program is the brainchild of THBN CEO, Dr. Debbie Wallace, who understands and supports the importance of community health among all communities of Metro-Atlanta, irrespective of age, race, creed, culture, or spiritual belief. The Champions of Health mission statement includes two key statements that explain why it believes in investing in community health recognition and education: THBN Champions of Health train, mentor and support the next generation of health leaders. THBN promote the Champions of Health by exposing and promoting their skills in their respective areas of expertise.
Champions may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else, so long as they are 18 years of age or older. Nominators will be responsible for submitting a 90-second YouTube video link to the attention of The video and email must capture the spirit of the candidate and should limited to a 100 word summary of why they are being nominated, a curriculum vitae/resume and up to two supporting letters. In addition, THBN social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) posts and engagement will be heavily considered in the selection process. Nominations should not include voluminous materials, such as exhibits, samples or numerous recommendations from employees or others in natural support positions. Clear, concise statements of achievements are of great value, including published articles from public and well-know information sources. Those making nominations may be asked to participate or be acknowledged at Award Galas, events and interviews. You should be prepared to receive a call from the Champions of Health Awards Policy Committee to offer additional detail about your nominate. The award selection committees are excluded as nominators and/or as candidates for any award under their purview. Any exceptions are stated under the applicable award.

Nomination Period

Award Announcement: January 16, 2016 (Annual Awards Banquet Gala) Annual Champions: Accepted all year, closing on December 15th Monthly Champions: Accepted monthly, closing on the 10th of each month for selection for the following 15 of each month, for the following month.

Anyone offering a contribution to society in the areas of physical, behavioral, social, emotional or spiritual health is eligible to be nominated for a Champion of Health award. Any exceptions may be submitted with rationale and an evaluation will be made.
Yes, an individual can be nominated once as an Annual Champion and up to four times per year, as a monthly Champion. To re-nominate a candidate, email your request, along with any updated information, to and post it via THBN social media sites.
After the awards nomination deadline, nominations are processed through our system and submitted to the respective THBN award selection committees for review. After the winning candidates have been selected by the committees, the selections are submitted for final approval by the THBN Awards Policy Committee. The selected candidates are then notified by the THBN Committee that they have been chosen to receive THBN awards. Candidates are given a deadline to confirm their acceptance of the award. Afterward, all nominators are notified by THBN headquarters regarding the final status of their award nominations. The above process is usually completed by December 15th for Annual Award Recipients and by the 10th of the month prior to the month for which they are being nominated.
All award presentations are made at the THBM Annual Awards Gala in January, with all monthly award winners of the prior year being recognized, along with those 10 being named as Champions for the upcoming year. Nominees may be simultaneously considered for monthly and annual Champion Award honors. Upon notification of their selection, the awardees must agree to attend the award ceremony at the THBN Annual Gala Banquet. Otherwise, the award will be given to the next highest candidate who agrees to attend. Exceptions will be made for emergency situations.
Champions are expected to be available to promote their messages of wellness on THBN, at THBN events and workshops, while giving back to communities across Atlanta, Champions of Health promote total wellness of mind, body and spirit, in conjunction with local and national health agendas. Outreach activities include school assemblies, worksite tours, weekend workshops, youth community events, and more. As the representatives of the True Health Broadcasting Network (THBN) community partnerships with the Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA/YWCA, and others, Champions of Health are committed to strengthening the communities across Metro-Atlanta – especially those that are disadvantaged and underserved. During their service, Champions of Health, recognize and assist in the selection process for the Youth Champions of Health, which launches in 2016, honoring students who demonstrate outstanding effort, progress and impact as Childhood Obesity Prevention Campaign Youth Ambassadors. Champions are offered the opportunity to become THBN featured writers and benefit from ongoing THBN local public relations efforts. As a result, they may be invited to conduct media interviews, book-signings, and otherwise represent THBN.